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Frost mage on Tortos

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it's me again,

thanks for your advice for Horridon for my frost mage.

He is not a problem any more for my raid. And my dps on him is now good.

We also kill easily the concil of elders. my Dps was also good (never tempest I love you) and there is no difficulty on this fight.

And now, ... we try Tortos

It's not the same level :P

We are 3 ranged DPS, (me( frost mage), a warlock, and a hunt). And they succed a lot of more than me. We are on the turtle, and only. not anought time to do other target. I just put my frosen orb in the bat to have fingers of frost.

I use Never Tempest on the turtles, and then, i'm alway in move, because of turtle and rockfall. I cant stand to incant fostbolt. i'm not far to just dps with ice lance. I have even not the time to refresh my invocation. So I choose incanter's ward, but it's weak :/

If we don't regard the burst on tortos at the beginning of the fight, the warlock and the hunt are about 100kdps, whan I am about 65kdps... I feel a little weak

have you ever done this boss in frost? have you some tips for this fight?

thank you :)

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I've done it as frost several times. To be honest, it sounds like either a gear check or just not understanding the fight. Can you link your gear so we can tell you around how much you should be doing? For example, I have a friend who pulls around 60k dps, and it frustrates him, but he has an ilvl of around 480.

1) What exactly do you mean by "there's not enough time"? Like, the boss enrages? Or healers run out of mana and you die?

2) It's pretty bizarre to have the ranged dps all on Tortos. So are the melee on the turtles then? This is backwards. If you want anyone on the boss the whole time, you will want either your strongest DPS or your melee. Save your frozen orb for the bats, but you absolutely should be DPSing the turtles.

3) You just need to become more comfortable with the fight. Use rocket boots (whatever the Tier 1 talent is called) and Blink to position yourself. I also get hit a few times by a turtle, but never to the point where I can't even cast a frostbolt. I also have no real problem keeping Invoker's Energy up. A helpful hint is that even if you do get knocked in the air, you can still cast your insta-cast spells. So I will often be throwing Nether Tempest up on mobs or will be refreshing it if I find myself up in the air.

TLDR: Revise raid strategy, be more comfortable with the fight. It's perfectly doable. Good luck!

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Incanter's Ward is great for this fight - always use it when the boss is about to use Quake Stomp. Enjoy the survivability boost and use the extra spell damage to blow some turtles away.

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I know you are interrested in my opinions about Tortos! Posted Image


Blazing Speed - Faster reposition on rockfall, running away from turtles, getting into position for dropping frozen orb on bats.

Temporal Shield - Awesome for quake stomp!

Whatever of T3 talents

T4. Whichever you want. I personally prefer the Greater invisibility so I can instantly drop aggro on bats just in case, and it is a good mitigation for Quake stomp.

T5: If you are on turtles, choose Nether tempest. If on bats, choose Frostbomb

T6: Well, yes this is debatable. I would personally choose Invoker's energy, because you can use ur CDs on the pull freely. You will not have much time to focus on the boss other than that. You can move freely with it if you succeeded to cast it and well... I don't know I just love it more.. Posted Image

Incanter's ward can be a good selection too however, it is really dependant on quake stomp. When you not get it, your DPS suck. Now, I am not sure about the stomp CD but I am pretty sure, that you'll be able to have higher uptime of invoker's energy, than incanter's ward.


Glyph of Ice lance for sure! No explanation needed I hope Posted Image

Glyph of Water Elemental. You will most likely single target stuffs, This helps.

Glyph of Cone of Cold. Now, this can be useful for either aoe on bats, and on turtles as well. it is just purely awesome at slowing turtles!

Glyph of Icy Veins is useful as well if u have too much haste Posted Image

Lets see the playstyle! This, again will not be the best of all. It is just how I do it and it's worth 142k DPS for me.


Do the normal opening rotation. Position yourself, somewhere on the side of the boss, but a bit middleish.. if you know what I mean.

1st turtles spawn, don't go into melee range. One will be marked for pewpew, however it is more useful if you Frostbolt and Nether Tempest all of them. They will be slowed for idk how much seconds, and overall increase the raid DPS on them. After they are Frostbolted, focus on the skull.

If a Turtle gets near you and is not slowed, use Cone of Cold on them, then blink/blazing speed away, then frostbolt it! It's awesome :3

Do this on every turtle spawn basically Posted Image

When bats come wait for the tank to pick them up, then move into melee range. Frozen orb should be off of CD, use it right on top of them (sometimes, the "dead" turtles will interract with ur frozen orb, making it worthless...) U can also cast Pet freeze, to get more FoF procs and some nice crits. Spam your ice lances on Tortos! Cone of codl is alwo your friend Posted Image

Now, about the Stomp and Rockfall. If your Invoker's energy will run out soon before the Stomp, you should refresh it BEFORE the stomp. Also, pop temporal shield to get a nice selfheal Posted Image

During rockfall., You should position yourself somewhere on the edges of the room. Even at the back. Come on, you are a ranged! Posted Image You can reach the boss from anywhere and usually at the edges there are not too many players. Cuz they are lazy haha... While you can blink out blazing speed out. Then, there is by tens less chance that you will get a rock on top of your head. And actually, those rocks need like 3-4-5 seconds to fall down. You can usually finish your cast if you have seen it just spawning.

Now, some tips and thingies.

Keep Nether Tempest up on Tortos all times. But, always reapply it, when you have jsut kicked a turtle at Tortos, since he gets an increased damage during that time.

Another thing is, use your Cooldowns, like Icy Veins when you will not have Stomp soon, and preferably, after you have just kicked a turtle at Tortos. (for the same reason as before)

Oh, and Raidwise... it's a bit misunderstandable but ranged should focus on the spinning turtles... then, on the boss when the little turtles are dead. At about 20% pop hero ignore turtles, burn boss.

One more thing I have jsut noticed. If you get thrown in the air, you can use Blink to get on the ground immediately at a safe position.

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You don't understand what I was saying. perhaps I use wrong words (english is not my first language), apologyse me.

here is my gear:


I think it is good.

I am on the turtles, not on tortos. And melee dps are on tortos

and when i say i have no time, I mean I have no time to cast:

when I start casting, A turtle come and bump me. And when it is not a turtle, it's a rockfall so i have to stop casting and move.


the idea of cone of cold is interesting,

but how can you do so much frostball? I'm always interup when i cast this (bump of turtles, earthquake, or rockfall)

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It's all about positioning. There are areas of the map where you will rarely, if ever, get any turtles coming at you. If I'm tanking (either Tortos or the bats), I hang out to the right or left of the boss and never get hit by spinning turtles.

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Exactly like what Tarazet says. The thing is, if you stand in the middle you will most likely always get a turtle or anything on your head. Standing on the sides is a good idea. After you have slowed the turtles with frostbolt they should never be able to knock you up in the turtle. But this requires good ranged DPS on them. Killing them the faster, the better.

Oh and another thing that is a bit difference between your and my gear is, that I went for pure haste gems, thus reducind the cast time from to 1,4-1,5 seconds. As well as the invocation cast time. :D

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Bro... I looked at your armory, and this is going to seem harsh... but you are seriously doing something wrong at that ilvl. I know you've said you know that and it isn't very constructive, but I did Tortos tonight in LFR and I logged it just so you can see a comparison from average play. Again, this wasn't me being amazing, this is AVERAGE play for a 501 ilvl mage. In addition to just being an average player, I also have no meta gem, and no belt buckle. So I don't want you to think this is pro play, because by all means it isn't.


As you can see, Bellyrub (which is me), hit about 122k dps as frost. Since it's still fresh on my mind I thought I could tell you what I did, maybe something helps:

1) Evocate before the pull, as the pull is starting I throw up mirror images as well.

2) I wait for both my trinkets to proc, as well as Brain Freeze (from Nether Tempest) as 2 Fingers of Frost. This usually happens pretty quick (obviously there can be bad luck) and one of my trinkets has usually ticked down to 5 or 6 seconds, which is fine since I am going to Icy Veins + Alter Time.

3) I pop CDs (Icy Veins + Alter Time Macro) and just nuke Tortos.

From this point on, I am pretty much solely on the adds. Turtles come out. If Icy Veins is still up, I finish that on the boss before going to the Turtles.

4) I dot up the turtles with Nether Tempest.

5) As bats come, I flamestrike once they are grouped and now I throw out my Frozen Orb, which gives you a ton of fingers of frost procs.

6) Keep refreshing dots while Frostbolting (or using Brain Freeze procs) on the turtles.

I really at this point barely find time to get back on Tortos, but if your raid's dps is good, you may have a chance to beat on him a bit. Try to keep Nether Tempest up on Tortos as well (you can do this with just a focus on him).

Also, I'm never in the middle of the raid. I'm always to the side. As someone else pointed out, if you get hit by a turtle, just blink to land back down, or refresh Nether Tempest//cast your Brain Freeze or Fingers of Frost procs while you are in the air.

I hope this helps!

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I don't do insane dps on tortos and I'm 524 ilvl but I know how to do decent numbers.if you ever watch locks espescially destro locks you will see that they keep rain of fire on bats at all times if they are smart. Use frozen orb whenever bats come down and keep nt on tortos

Cone of cold turtles and when they are down hit tortos until next call of tortos and repeat

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