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Furry warrior dps advice needed

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Hello Warriors


I recently started playing warrior started as a tank then switched to the dps
My guildies noticed that i was doing  low dps compared to my ilevel


Here is a log from a pug archi heroic kill its the recent one i got





In general i would like to see what i am doing wrong because i saw people with gear as equal as mine doing more then me. Also when i should invest in mastery instead of crit? 

Thanks in advance!

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A couple of things that I noticed:

Your enrage up time is good (~80%) but it could be better. Archimonde isn't a great fight for enrage up time because of moving for fire and things like that, so I'm not sure if your low enrage is because of movement or if you're just not keeping it up enough. You also only cast berserker rage a few times each fight, using it more will give you better enrage uptime and more raging blow procs.

Your crit is lower than it could be, which plays into lower enrage time. You're okay at 25%, but at your item level your passive crit simply from gearing should be closer to 30% unbuffed. Focusing on crit and mastery as your two preferred itemization stats will help immensely.

In a 5 minute fight, you cast dragon roar 3 times. You should be able to cast it 6 times. Make sure that you're using all of your CDs effectively.

Finally, weapons are of paramount importance for warriors and yours could use some upgrading. Good luck getting those calamity's edges.

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As a fight, Archimonde presents a number of wonderful opportunities for Warriors to really open up against the adds with Bladestorm. If you make a quick comparison between your damage and the other warrior's damage with Bladestorm, you can see a big difference:






As rip said above, you're also letting your cooldowns sit for too long. Waiting to use a dragon's roar for a bit in order to hit multiple targets is fine, but missing full cooldowns isn't good.

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