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Looking for a Balance Weakaura -

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I used to WA full rotation to grind out the basics on my Death Knight so now I'm hoping to find something similar for my Boomkin!! Thanks in advance!!

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There isn't anything like that as far as I know, you're better off just getting Cyous' Balance bar and just playing the spec from there.


Starfire in lunar, wrath in solar, starsurge for buffs in lunar, starsurge for buff in solar ONLY if you have too many starsurges.


Basically there can't be a weak aura for what you're asking because the very basic one would be just wrong since it would tell you to be using a lot of starsurges in solar, where you want to save them for lunar, but only a play instinct will help you to determine when yo starsurge in solar as to not cap out on too many charges.


The rotation is pretty straight forward, its with practice where you'll learn to master it.



Lastly, its going to slightly change in Legion and be a bit easier to understand.

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