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Legion - Shadow Priest Neck + Cloak + Ring Enchant Effect Combinations

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Neck - Mark of the Royal Druid - 20sec?

Int Cloak - Druid learns Moonkin form.

Crit Ring - Druid gains a Bleed attack.

Haste Ring - Druid learns a healing spell.

Mastery Ring - Druid will root enemies in place.

Versatility Ring - Druid amplifies damage done by 10%.

Neck - Mark of the Fallen Sentinels

Int Cloak - Neck proc becomes a rain of Holy Bolts.

Crit Ring - Neck proc will blind enemies.

Haste Ring - Neck proc deals damage in a larger radius.

Mastery Ring - Neck proc returns some damage dealt to you as health.

Versatility Ring - Neck proc gives a 4sec buff that amplified damage done by 10%.

Neck - Mark of the Trickster - 20sec?

Int Cloak - Trickster does Shadow damage. 

Crit Ring - Trickster absorbs some of the damage you would have taken.

Haste Ring - Trickster can stun enemies.

Mastery Ring - Trickster gains a damaging curse. (Doom on a 25sec timer)

Versatility Ring - Trickster amplified damage done by 10%.

It doesn't look like these enchant effects on rings stack (I.E.: if you have Vers on both rings you don't get 20%, still just 10%).

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