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About Us: <Archaic Eclipse> is a Casual raiding guild on US-Borean Tundra that was officially created in Mists of Pandaria. We take our raids seriously and do not waste time, but that doesn’t stop us from joking around with one another during raiding. We have a very friendly atmosphere that has kept people around. One thing we are proud of as a guild is that we have a very low turnover rate and many loyal members who have stuck with us from the beginning. We are currently looking for people with similar goals who can attend raids consistently and meet the expectations of the core raid group. We have a few members with 13/13M experience we are just short the last couple members to push mythic. Raid times Fri, Sat 5:45 US/PT

Recruitment Needs:

Strong dps

What we offer:

- Helpful friendly raiders

- A Light Raiding Schedule

- Flasks/Pots

- Guild Repairs

If interested add me via btag killanya#1752 thanks for checking us out!

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