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Facebook and contests

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I have a small issue relating to the fackbook part of things.

First of all for people who want to join facebook and sites like it fine and dandy. Some people choose not to. I am one of those people who refuses to be on facebook and when contests require an action involving the site it is very dishearenting.

I have had people tell me many times to just create one make it private and only use it for contests. The problem comes in where once you create an account a cookie is implanted in your browser and even if you sign out it tracks every page that has a link back to a facebook account. Now they do have advertising which does make them money but I also surmise that they sell your browsing history to the highest bidder. How do you think the owner became a billionare with a company worth over 60 billion in less than ten years? Advertisements pay very little, I know that for a fact. But saying to a company "hey buy this info and you can view a person web habits" can make a lot of money quick.

I don't do social and often browse with private browsing enabled for just this reason. I block advertisements through my router and use multiple different DNS servers controlled by different sources. Call me paranoied but I don't need any more noses in my business than what there already is. If contests are no longer going to be on the site but through facebook I won't be hanging around any more.

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Whether this Facebook giveaway (giveaway != contest) was a good thing or not is something we will decide when it ends, and any feedback (including yours) is appreciated. Note that we have always held contests and giveaways on Facebook before, and this is the first time you make any comment about it. For this giveaway, I wanted to test rafflecopter.com to see if there was any point using them for other giveaways in the future. I also wanted to see what kind of boost if would give to our Facebook page.

What I do for preventing tracking from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is that I use a browser for them exclusively and a different browser for all the rest. Also, I think that if you were to make a Facebook account just for the purpose of entering giveaways/contests, nothing forces you to give accurate information.

In any case, I do not think that it is very fair of you to threaten to quit the forums over such a small issue. I mean, you could have just brought up the Facebook issue and see what we had to say about it. When I pay $350 to give away Blizzcon Tickets, I do not really expect the only feedback to be threats about quitting the website because the giveaway is held on Facebook.

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dont think it's fair to state that IF contests are put on facebook you will leave this website. Assuming you come here for more then just the contests, or am i missing something here...

Me as well am not willing to open a facebook account, or twitter or one of those "so called" social things. I dont trust them for a dime. So yes it is a pity so many websites, organisations are using them to inform the mass, do contests there and so on. Not only talking about Icy Veins, blizz uses it.turbine uses it. And unfortunately information is there earlier then on the main websites/forum.

Definitely a pity, as those using it shut a lot of people out.

Back to the point, if you dont want to open an account on something like facebook, then it's ur own choice, deal with the things you miss out on cause websites use them. Not meant negative but just fact,

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