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BIS Trinket vs CritCap

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Hey ho! :)

I'm playing with these trinkets: Mirrors ('cause of DPS) and the mastery&krit trinket of 2. boss.

Why the second trinket?

Becaus it helps me to reach the crit-soft-cap (+ 4% crit). With food, rune and flask I've ~51,5 % crit.

In HFC there are a lot of non-boss-adds in the most bossfights. So I think there is better Dmg with crit them, as playing BIS trinkets without (soft-)crit-cap.

So I chanched my weapon entchant into multistrike.

... but if I think about it: mastery will work better, or not?

Am I on the right way? what did you think?

Greetings from Germany! Katamarii :)

Excuse some errors.... ;)

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The generally preferred trinket setup is to use Fel-Spring Coil and Mirror of the Blademaster for progression fights and then choosing betweem Malicious Censer, Mirror of the Blademaster, and Kihra's Adrenaline Injector for fights you have on farm.  The reason being is that Coil gives the most consistent DPS bonus since you will always have its full effect whereas Censer is proc-based (you'll do more damage during it's proc, but less outside of it) and Kihra's is an on-use that is ideally used alongside Rapid Fire and the Legendary Ring, but again outside of its buff you will hover at a lower dps.


As far as weapon enchants go, Mastery is roughly equal to Multistrike if you have a really high uptime on Sniper Training (ie. 95%+ uptime), which isn't realistically possible on all fights, and especially not on progression.

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Thank you, this helps alot! :)

I try to get Kihra's upgraded WF trinket... ~.~ It is so rare!! :(

The mastery weapon entchant makes sin, or not. you are right.

I'll never reach a sniper uptime of 95%... :(

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