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It's been a while since we did one of these articles, so we have a lot of things to catch up on! The Summer Global Championship Circuit is currently underway and we have results from all around the world, as well as some other news.


NA: First Summer Regional results and qualifiers for the second Summer Regional


The first NA Summer Regional took place 10 days ago at Dreamhack Austin. There, Naventic outdid all the competition and beat their rivals Cloud 9 in the finals with a score of 3-2, becoming the first NA team to qualify for the Summer Global Championship, which takes place in Sweden.


Meanwhile, the qualifiers for the second NA Summer Regional are currently ongoing. Three out of the four qualifiers have already been completed. The teams that have qualified so far for the second NA Summer Regional are: Naventic, Brain Power (formerly COGnitive Gaming - more about this later in this article), Gale Force eSports (GFE), Panda Global, Team Name Change and Astral Authority. Surprisingly, Cloud 9 and TempoStorm haven't qualified yet and they both have a last chance at the fourth qualifer, which will take place this Sunday 22nd of May.


Europe: DreamHack Tours 2016 Results


With an undefeated series, mYinsanity became the second European team to qualify for the Summer Global Championship. Dignitas surprised everyone with their lackluster performance, since they were knocked off during the group stage after losing to teh89.


In a twitlonger, Dignitas' captain James "Bakery" Baker pointed out to him being ill and the team wrongly identifying the meta as the main reasons for their losses. Still, Dignitas was the first European team to qualify for the Summer Global Championship, so they definitely didn't have to bring their A-game in DreamHack Tours.


News from China (and South Korea)


Gold Series 2016 took place this weekend and naturally South Korean team MVP Black were victorious once again. MVP Black faced off in the final with their rivals eStar Gaming. The Chinese team is shaping up to be the second best team in the world and they have definitely proven that they can counter MVP Black lately. The highlight of the final was a 38-minute game on Tomb of the Spider Queen, where MVP Black didn't manage to land a kill for almost 25 minutes!


Like we said, eStar Gaming definitely gave MVP Black a run for their money and seems to be the only team able to fight MVP Black in equal terms. eStar Gaming, along with X-Team, have already qualified for the Summer Global Championship via the Chinese Regionals. The South Korean Regionals haven't happened yet, but it's pretty certain that MVP Black won't face much competition.


Team and player news


Last but not least, we have some news on specific teams and individual players. We reported a while ago that Na'Vi disbanded. Dignitas snatched one of Na'Vi's former players, Alexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup, who replaced Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson only a week before the team's participation in DreamHack Tours.


As you probably saw earlier in this article, COGnitive Gaming is left with no Heroes of the Storm team. The whole roster decided to go independent under the temporary name Brain Power and they even managed to qualify for the second NA Summer Regional.


Finally, Erho of TempoStorm is no longer part of the organisation's competitive roster. He will still remain in TempoStorm as a content creator and streamer, but he will just not compete in tournaments anymore. It was stated that he is taking a break from competitions because he is feeling burnt out at the moment.

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