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Courageous Primal Diamond

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Hi guys i have a few questions about the new Courageous Primal Diamond.for holy paladins.

What spells do you notice it procing off ?

During the 4 second proc"clear casting", what spells do you cast ?

Do you stop what your casting and then move onto your "clear casting rotaion" ?

Or do you just coninue what you was doing.

Is it feasable to use Holy radiance ?

What addon do you use to track the proc

I have only had it a short while, and i have noticed the 4 second cast is damned short lol sometimes i have missed it during busy periods, i definitely do not have time to cast i think it is anyhow the recommended x2 Flash of lights followed by a holy shock., i have glyphed for the flash of light but not usre im making use of the glyph.

Now during busy times in the fight the screen can get quite busy, i`m using atm weak auras to track the aura, but as i have said sometime sim missing the aura or im being hit by silly stuff tryuing to watch out fo rht eproc. any sugestions would be great.

Thank you in advance for the help

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I kind of wanted to discuss this with other holy paladin so here we go.

What spell do you notice it procing off?

Really any spell as long as I'm in combat. It procs pretty often during my normal play so I dont feel like I have to do anything special do proc it off.

During the 4 seconds proc'clear casting', what spell do you cast?

This one is tricky. It depends on the fight and how intense the current phase is. You really have to make the decision quickly since it lasts only 4 seconds and I almost never get it proccing back to back. Having said that, I'm experimenting with using glyph of flash of light and using those procs to heal someone with flash of light. Even if say tank doesnt take that much damage, I can cast a flash of light on him for free and finish it off with divine light which will build a larger mastery bubble. I seems to be working out pretty well, but if we are all taking aoe damage, I'll probably not cancel my holy radiance in favor of flash of light.

There is also infusion of light proc which I'll definitely take advantage off during clearcasting by using divine light.

Do you stop what you are casting and them move onto your 'clear casting rotation'?

See above

Is it feasible to use holy radiance?

It is,but you will be lucky to get 2 off while proc is active. I get the feeling that assuming you get one holy radiance for free, you save as much mana as you did using t14 2 piece. Speaking of which, I miss my 4 piece Posted Image

What addon do you use to track it?

TellmeWhen. I have a big icon showing up next to my raid frames that lets me know its up and if you have omnicc, it will also show the timer.

So yeah.. I really wonder if there is more efficient way to use right now. It seems to me that since the majority of our spell have more than 2 second cast, we are almost forced to have a special clearcasting rotation. Would appreciate any input from fellow holy paladins.

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  • It should proc off any healing spell
  • Flash of light on your beacon target when there is not much going on to give you free holy power to use on WoG or LoD.
  • Depends on the damage, if there is not a lot of damage going out you probably would. But if there is some constant damage, you would probably do a normal rotation, and it would just be some free mana.
  • Yes, you can use Holy Radiance, but you would maybe get one or 2 out of it. REally I don't think you should think about using HR specifically for this buff to generate Holy Power, since you can FoL your beacon target faster and gain more Holy Power.
  • TellMeWhen, as suggested, I personally use Weak Auras to track all my buffs/debuff. I find it much more customizable.

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