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Stratwatch - Overwatch analysis series breaking down professional hero compositions

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Episode 1: Protect the President

Summary: Cloud 9 unveils the first competitive variation of a Bastion based composition. Using Bastion on the pay load with 2 Reinhardts, and Mercy to immediately assist him - add 2 Widowmakers and this line-up can dominate any escort or hybrid map-type. Because Bastion has so much room with 2 Barriers protecting him and damage amp, coupled with the 2 Widowmakers and 2 Reinhardts being a threat in their own right; this comp has to be dealt with cleanly and swiftly. 

Episode 2: Goggles and Glasses

Summary: Double McCree, Double Lucio, Double Reinhardt, used by EnvyUs on KoTH map type versus Luminosity in Overkill.GG for 3rd place. This strategy uses aggression to seize tempo and cap the point, push out and establish a soft contain to get extra objective time. Through sticking together as 6 heroes and having healing and speed auras this lineup can be terrifying to play against. (McCree's can be subbed for tracers, and Reinhardts for Winstons).

Episode 3: Hollywood Defense

Summary: This episode we will finally cover a Defensive strategy by Reunited against Cloud9 in the Overkill.GG Finals. Using spam, position and information manipulation Reunited's strong individual play lets them take the map, and tie the series.




Summary: This episode will be covering the elephant in the room, can individuals shape the outcome of the game? In this match between Luminosity and EnvyUs, Seagull and Enigma prove how much value there is in strong individual plays. Without their abilities in this game, Luminosity would have lost. Wont let me add game link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxwRRZFzF0Y&feature=youtu.be&t=37m19s


Episode 5: C9's Gibraltar Defense


Summary: This Episode is another break down of defense. Cloud 9 on Gibraltar is terrifying, the best at it in the game at the moment. How do they do it? This video will break-down the main two parts of the defense, and how its almost impossible to break-through.

Episode 6: Shutting out the Offense [GFE's Hold against TL at Agents Rising]


Summary: This Stratwatch will cover Gale Force Esports defensive hold against Team Liquid in the Agents Rising LAN run by EsportsArena. How does Gale Force Esports hold Team liquid where other teams couldn't? What compositions do they use to do it? And what concepts can we learn from them for our own play? This episode aims to answer those very questions.

Episode 7 - King of the Hill in 1 Hero limit 


Summary: Nubris vs Teamliquid on Nepal was a very clean example of the current KotH standard composition in 1HL. As well this game displayed the key core concepts to winning King of the Hill with this composition, or one that uses Zarya. I hope this episode helps navigate these concepts with multiple examples, instancing how situational awareness and understanding the conditions of those situations improves your play on KotH maps.

I hope this series helps for launch and beyond. If you have any feedback, discussion points, or ideas please let me know!

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If I may ask, I don't actually know how to. :(

You know you can embed Youtube videos directly in your posts :)

I figured it out after reading around a bit, thanks for pointing it out :D

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If you can delete the extra post, I should have just edited this one

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