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Couple of resto druid questions

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I have been in a bunch of pugs recently (Heroics, Mythic HFA/Reaver) and there's almost always been another druid in the raid.  Since I've only been raiding about 6 weeks in HFC as a healer, I've been working on my UI, getting some WeakAuras and adjusting my healbot configs, trying to improve.  On the M Reaver fight, the other druid, closer to 730 with Demonic Phalectery and Edict of Argus was absolutely smoking me.  like 80-90k HPS vs 30-50k HPS.  I've got the H 4-piece tier (I've got a N chest, and AMR often suggests using it cause I have a mythic head piece), and I'm running about ilvl 723.

Does Lifebloom on a single target from 2 different Resto druids actually have double the effect?  If not, I can't see if Healbot is showing me another druid's Lifebloom is already there.  Same for Mushroom.  I know it only hits 3 targets,   If there a two mushrooms down, can each affect the same target in the area, or is there a chance that the Mushroom is not being as effective.

I'm doing better at keeping harmony up, and I'm spamming rejuv like crazy, using Wild Growth as appropriate, and try to save Heart of the Wild with Tree of Life for a second big mitigation, if I've already used tranq.  I am not using Swiftmend enough, and try to hit my procs for regrowth, but i'm either without a target, or a whole bunch of them the way the HFC fights seem to go.

Here's my armory stats.  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mannoroth/Mythrina/advanced   It's a bit off as I stacked all my speed gear for a Black Temple run this morning and didnt' reset my gear/spec before logging  off.  (I did get Cursed Vision of Sargeras...) 

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First: Logs.  Get them.  Show them. Otherwise we can't see what exactly you're doing wrong.

2)  Your heals are completely separate from anyone else.  Other peoples heal don't directly affect your hots/healing.  Now they can indirectly affect your healing becasue if his gear is stronger he will heal more quickly and when there's nothing you heal your hots are useless. , but don't get caught up on if his hots are affecting yours or not, just heal like you normally would.

3) I don't know what trinkets you have, but having the Soc mana trinket is huge, 1) becasue of the amount of haste and intellect on it, 2) the mana it saves for rejuvs (the more spells you cast the more 'value' you get out of it which makes rejuv perfect for it).  


Come back with logs and your armory update as well as take a look at this post to deterrmine how you're doing in logs.

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