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Need help with my warr! Fury specc.

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Hello Icy Veins!

I have some questions about my warrior: http://eu.battle.net...r/Shoogo/simple

I'd like to get some advice with gear and stats.

I just got finished with lfr's and got some loot:



I'm kinda stuck between using the new axe or enchanting/gemming my Kilrak - i have however not done that yet since the gem is 7k Posted Image and the dancing steel is really expensive aswell.

Also on the subject of crit, after hitting 25% crit unbuffed i read that its viable to go full strength after that?

I have this in my bank aswell: http://www.wowhead.com/item=94723

Thanks in advance!

For the Horde!

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If you're not going to get the legendary gem, then go with Shellsplitter. Higher weapon damage = higher dps. One thing for sure, be it either for your Kil'rak or Shellplitter, get a second Eye of the Black Prince for it.

On the subject of crit, I can not insist enough: There is no such thing as enough crit.

The theoretical crit cap would be at 45% unbuffed, and that is definitely unreachable as of now. Grab the chest in your bank also. Yes, crit > Strenght, but a 26 ilvl upgrade is a bit too good to pass, especially since you don't even have the T14 2p bonus to go with your current chest.

If you have any other question feel free to ask,


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