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Help with Fury please - Much needed

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Hello fellow gamers,

Im having some troubels with low dps/damagde im trying to optimize 100% im doing simulationcraft everytime i get new gear, setting in new pawn string etc.. Accordingly to Simcraft i shoud be doing 337797 K..

i got 29 traits - fully gemmed and enchanted 100%

im ilvl 870 - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Dkniko/simple

Warcraft logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/92KhdQHXacVr6CDN#type=damage-done&fight=10&source=17

Checkmywow - http://www.checkmywow.com/reports/92KhdQHXacVr6CDN/123684383/10?tab=basic


I only did 85 mil on Mythic Ursoc, while other players did over 110 mil..

on opener rotation i - Prepot - charge - dragon roar - avatar - Battle cry - blood fury  - bloodthirst - Odyns fury - raging blow - bloodthirst..

I try to hold cd´s so  Dragon roar - avatar - battle cry - lignes up with eachother and get enraged and then odyns fury for optimal damagde .


Im comparing my self with this player that is doing 118 mil - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tvhRGWCnfgB9Fm3c#fight=23&type=damage-done&source=13


Im hoping for some help

best regards from the frustrated warrior.

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You'll never see the same numbers as Simcraft on a real fight; it just doesn't account for all the variables.

This is not a dig at all, just making an observation: you placed in the 9th percentile on that fight (compared to all other fury warriors at your item level), so something is off.

Some cursory notes:

1. You didn't pot a second time during the Time Warp/Execute phase.

2. Shockwave is an interesting choice over Double Time, but you didn't use it at all.

3. You might swap Carnage for Massacre, it synergizes nicely with artifact talents.

4.  Your comparison parse got both a Bloodlust and a TimeWarp during execute phase, so that helped him a lot. Likewise, he worked in 27 Executes to your 16.

5. He's also got the BIS Faulty Countermeasure trinket.

6.  He Worked in one extra Battle Cry, and is stacking a lot more crit. I know we're supposed to stack haste, but it's work looking into.


I don't pretend to be a Fury expert (anymore), but those jump out at me.

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As I posted in the other topic (hoping this helps you).


Hey there,

I've been maining Fury this xpac, and in previous xpacs I mained Prot and off-spec'd Fury. I am the type of player that enjoys researching how to play my class and spec most efficiently, and from what I have gathered the rotation below outputs the highest DPS. I use this rotation and I manage to perform within the top percentile on fights like Ursoc.

Opener Rotation: Charge > Avatar + Dragon Roar > Battlecry + Bloodthirst > Raging Blow > Odyn's Fury > Bloodthirst > Raging Blow

In this single target scenario, you do not want to use Rampage. Rampage forces a 1.5 second GCD and prevents you from fitting in the extra GCD within your Battlecry window. Keep in mind that most of the time you won't manage to pull this off unless you macro Battlecry + Bloodthirst, have low latency and have high enough haste, so it may be better to throw Rampage in the end instead of Raging Blow if you do not have enough haste and didn't Enrage from the Bloodthirst. From this point, you will continue your single target rotation until Dragon Roar comes up (25 second CD). Your CD rotation should appear as follows:

1st CD rotation - Avatar + Dragon Roar > Battle Cry + Bloodthirst > Odyn's Fury
2nd CD rotation - Dragon Roar
3rd CD rotation - Dragon Roar > Battle Cry + Bloodthirst > Odyn's Fury
4th CD rotation - Dragon Roar (Avatar will be up at this time, but save it to sync with Battle Cry)
Rotation starts over (see "1st CD Rotation")

A quick rotation recap: Avatar + DR > BC + BT > RB > OF > BT > RB

The reason behind using Raging Blow first is to fit in the extra Raging Blow before the end of Battle Cry. If you were to use Odyn's Fury first, you would follow up with Raging Blow, then Bloodthirst, and then have to hit Furious Slash because everything else is on cooldown. You do not want to have to hit Furious Slash. It is a DPS loss and only used as a filler when nothing else can be used. Also, it should never be used twice (you won't ever have to).

I recommend macro'ing Avatar & Dragon Roar, as you will only be hitting Avatar with Dragon Roar anyways. Also, you can try macro'ing Battle Cry with Bloodthirst. All of this ensures that you sync the GCDs up as close as possible to minimize lag and reduce the amount of haste you need as a result. Remember to avoid Rampage during Battle Cry as it forces a fixed 1.5 second GCD that cannot be reduced by haste.

I did not check your logs because I am on a crappy connection at the time of writing, but ensure that you are using the Massacre talent for your execute phase. Icy-Veins explains the rotation effectively in the Fury guide. Once you have the artifact traits that synergize with this talent it becomes quite powerful.


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