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[Idea] Frozen wizard

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Hi everibody:

I have a new idea of cold wizard:

it can be support/solo-farming


 Gesture of OrpheusGesture of Orpheus With 20% cold damage.


Etched SigilEtched Sigil with 15% any skill you use.


 Halo of ArlyseHalo of Arlyse / The Compass RoseThe Compass Rose


FocusFocus / RestraintRestraint 1 shocket each


The Traveler's PledgeThe Traveler's Pledge


Hellfire AmuletHellfire Amulet

Mara's KaleidoscopeMara's Kaleidoscope

These amulets must have 20% cold damage and 1 socket


Ashnagarr's Blood BracerAshnagarr's Blood Bracer 20% cold damage


Hergbrash's BindingHergbrash's Binding


Dashing Pauldrons of DespairDashing Pauldrons of Despair

Fierce GauntletsFierce Gauntlets

Harness of TruthHarness of Truth

Leg Guards of MysteryLeg Guards of Mystery

Shrouded MaskShrouded Mask

Striders of DestinyStriders of Destiny


Link of calculator:


Kanai's Cube:

Light of GraceLight of Grace


Convention of ElementsConvention of Elements


I use enchantress with:

Oculus RingOculus Ring


The Ess of JohanThe Ess of Johan

Weapon and special you can put any item do you like.

Legendary gems:

IceblinkIceblink / Bane of the TrappedBane of the Trapped / Bane of the StrickenBane of the Stricken

I use these, but you can use that too if you are on HC:

Molten Wildebeest's GizzardMolten Wildebeest's Gizzard / Bane of the PowerfulBane of the Powerful


This is it, If you can say me how do better this build please tell me.

If you want to write to me a message I bring you my Btag: JuanP#2315

Srry i have problems with coneccion and I wrote a bad post.

Thanks and Greetings. 

Edited by JuanP
Bad wroten

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I don't play Wizard, so I can't judge your stuff, but I made your links prettier :p

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