Dual-wield Frost DK - TRINKET choice help

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I have run into a problem to choice trinket on my frost dual-wield DK. Im ilevel 728 and Im having Empty Drinking horn in 1 slot but unsure about the others and for what fights.

Iam using Discordant Chorus(HC) in my second slot but Im not sure if i should.

I do have these trinkets in bag:

Rumbling pebble(HC)

Unending hunger(Warforge HC)

Gronntooth war horn(demon trinket)


Empty Drinking horn(HC) - this one I always you.


Im also always playing withe the Defile talent as well as Plague leech and runic corruption


What will be my second trinket choice on demon bosses, aoe and singel target bosses?


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So, EDH all the time as you said


War horn for demon bosses, check for the full list. 

I would go with UH for all the others for simplicity or DC if there are alot of adds or for council fight. 

(If your using DC alot, put razorrice on your MH as the procs from DC will spread RR around which is always nice)


Have a look at Blood Tap as well, if you can get used to it its nice too or stick to Runic Corruption for a simpler life too. 


Good luck with it.

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If its a demon: Drinking Horn+Grontooth warhorn
If its a demon with cleave: Discordant Chorus or Empty Drinking Horn+grontooth warhorn
Not a demon: Drinking Horn+Rumbling Pebble/Unending Hunger
Not a demon with cleave: Drinking Horn+Discordant Chorus
Pure Cleave (trash/non-raid content/dungeons): Discordant Chorus+Unending Hunger or Rumbling Pebble.

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