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Icy Veins Arena Resources

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If you're looking for some constant resources to use during your arena drafts, there are a number of card rankings here on the Icy Veins site. We have one for each class, all of which can be found here. It's important to read Sottle's guide on how to use the spreadsheets, given that choices aren't always black and white.

If you're looking for a guide on how to play in the arena, you have two choices here on Icy Veins. There is a beginner guide, that looks at the more basic parts of how to play, or a more in-depth guide, that looks at different class specific information.

There is also our arena series written by L0rinda, that looks at specific aspects of moving from a beginner to a pro in arena.

If you're hoping to catch one of our writers playing arena, you can always check out Sottle's stream and Twitter to know what he is streaming and when! Note that he does a fair amount of casting, so is sometimes away for lengthy periods.

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