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How to suggest a new class build

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Every once in a while, we decide to pull out those items we haven't touched in months and try out a new build. We throw together a few matching pieces and suddenly we find that it works! If you've managed to do this, you'll want to tell everyone about it. In order to do so, you're going to need to make sure to include a few things before starting your new post:

  • What is the main part of the build? What does it rely on to work?
  • Provide as many items as possible that you feel the build requires. If you aren't sure about a certain slot, leave it empty and let the community fill it in with suggestions.
  • Provide as many skills as possible that you feel the build requires.
  • Add a general overview of the playstyle. Should you be hanging around at the back or diving in? Should you be spamming abilities or pooling resources?
  • What stats work best for the build?
  • Where should you be putting paragon points?
  • What gems and legendary gems should you be using?
  • What should be in your Kanai's cube?

The more information that you can give, the better. We will most likely delete posts that simply say:

Use yang's and multishot for massive dmg

It's not exactly helpful to have posts like these. Flesh it out, show off your knowledge.


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