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Do you have a gold making blog / Youtube channel / Stream? Share it here!

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Hey there folks!

The long term goal for this sub section of the Warcraft forums is to try and help create a mini gold making community.  Since I began streaming and producing my own content I have managed to meet and get to know some great people who produce some top content!

In the future I hope to produce gold maker "spotlights" that focus on an individual and the content they produce to help you make gold in a lot of different ways, as although I am pretty good at making gold in a number of ways there are plenty of experts in certain gold making areas that will always know more than me!

So if you have any guides, blogs, Youtube videos that you would like to share initially please do so in this thread!

I look forward to learning about new players that have a love for gold and sharing their ideas and it should mean more gold for everyone!

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Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog and site here Peelyon, a great community of gold makers around already, lets try and build on it!

Hi my name is Graham, I play on Stormscale EU and in the 5+ years of playing World of Warcraft, I've earned approximately 25m gold. I don't do a lot of farming anymore, but instead, buy most of my materials off the auction house. Sadly my time is rather tied up with my children being a full time Dad. However, I still do extremely well.

Where can you find me?




I tend to use Twitter and Facebook the most to post my goings on throughout the day, so if you want to see what I'm buying, or selling, feel free to check me out and give me a follow and get regular updates. I also reply when I'm online, so I'm always willing to give some advice if you need it. If I cant help, I'll push you in the right direction, if I know someone else can offer the support you need. I have some good guides on my Wordpress, however, most is no doubt outdated now, but hope to have new additions as soon as Legion is upon us.

I don't stream on Twitch, but you may have seen me around in other peoples streams, mostly lurking in Peelyons channel, my alias is Grarand.

Hopefully see you around and thanks again Peelyon!

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Looks like i'm the first from the US to post here.

No sense reinventing the wheel, for the full version you can read my "About Me" page on my blog. http://goldgoblingamingguy.com/about-me/

I am a full time stay at home dad. This allows me to jump on the PC and do a quick scan at almost any point during the day but it does not allow me to spend long periods of time online. Not until the kids are in school that is.

I've been playing WoW on and off for nearly 8 years. I tried my hand at making gold several times during those early years but never really had much motivation to really pursue it. After my raiding guild fell apart in WoD I decided to turn my attention to making gold full time.

I haven't been at it very long but I have had a great level of success in my short time and I want to help others learn what they can do too. This is why I started my blog in the first place. I remember being envious of players running around with the Reins of the Traveler's Tundra MammothReins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and wondering how they could ever afford something so expensive. Now I have more than enough gold to buy anything I want. I really believe that "If I can do it, so can you".

Gold Goblin Gaming Guy


The name of my blog. Yes, I am aware that my goblin character is not a guy but the male goblin casting animation just looks terrible in my opinion. I aim for a minimum of one post a week, usually on Mondays. I also post a weekly update on my progress on my secondary realm, usually on Fridays. Anything more than that is the result of an idea that I just needed to get written down.

At the moment I have been compiling a list of the crafts for each of the crafting professions that are being introduced in Legion. The information is readily available on Wowhead and Wowdb but it isn't really organized in an easy to digest manner. I have not touched Gathering professions, I may get them last. But I wanted to focus on the crafting professions first.

Every one has been published so far except for Leatherworking and Tailoring which will be public next week.



The only place that I am really active at the moment. Once Blizzard introduces their integration with Facebook I will be posting on there more often as well. I do have a page on Facebook but it is very bare and I currently only share my new posts when they are published.


Not yet. I have all the hardware and software that I would need, I just don't have the time. I am planning to start streaming a little after the release of Legion, starting with just one day a month for a few hours. Nothing set in stone yet, just something that is in the back of my mind.

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Thanks for sharing, Gorich, but I'd advise also adding links to your social media/channel if you have them. A URL link instead of a video link might also help to make it a bit easier on the eyes :)

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HI all, 


Just joined Icy Veins as I've used the site for years, but didn't even realise there was a forum section!  I'm Sarranuva and I currently play mainly on Frostmane EU.


I've been doing gold guides for a while now and I am active at:





I'm off to look through the rest of the forum now, but thought I would drop a note in here before I forget

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