724 hpally looking for critiques and tips

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Hello all,

I just recently made the transition from EF to SH, and while I'm keeping the raid alive and putting out decent heals, I know I can do better.

If you have time, please check out my logs and let me know if I'm missing something. I'm averaging around the 40-50 percentile and I'd love to perform much better than that. My basic rotation is HS, judgement, FoL, FoL. Prism on CD and Radiance with 3 hp.

Much appreciated.

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A fantastic resource for SH hpallying --

Radiance and LoD are barely worth a cast, they're weak. Casting LoD is fine if you just want to burn the holy power, but your average LoD hit was less than your average beacon transfer. 

A 3 minute Zakuun kill with 4 healers is probably not the best log to go on, since you really don't need 4 healers. The shaman in your logs barely did anything compared to the other 3. Maybe get him to dps?

I also noticed that you're not really casting Holy Light as a filler, but instead spamming FoL. (That's fine for SH). If you're not having mana problems, consider switching out your phylactery to Intuition's Gift from Kilrogg. 

Consider joining the paladin discord channel at

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