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Help to improve my Barbarian

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I changed your armory link to go to the English battle.net, I think people will find it easier this way.

Given that you already have some gear, you really need to focus on finding the pieces you need to complete this build: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/barbarian-rend-physical-build-with-immortal-king-and-wrath-of-the-wastes-patch-2-4-1

Namely, you need to find 2 more Immortal King pieces that you'll substitute for 2 of your Wastes pieces. The only constraint is that you can't replace Pauldrons of the WastesPauldrons of the Wastes because it's a vital part of the build, so you just need 2 of these:

Once you have these 2 pieces, you're going to experience a huge boost in damage, due to the 400% increased damage bonus of the 6-piece bonus of Immortal King.

Then, you can continue getting the missing pieces: FocusFocusRestraintRestraint, and Strongarm BracersStrongarm Bracers, as well as the Kanai Cube's items: The FurnaceThe Furnace and LamentationLamentation.

This is not the most powerful build, but once you've completed it, you'll be able to farm gear significantly faster and in no time, you'll have the pieces to try some of the better builds, like https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/barbarian-endgame-frenzy-thorns-build-with-the-legacy-of-nightmares-set-patch-2-4-1.

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There isn't really a best place. You'll need to gamble for both the ring and the belt. Or you'll be lucky and you'll get it from a Rift or a Greater Rift Guardian :)

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