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All Data-mined Brawls (so far)

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In Overwatch we have the brawl mode similar to Hearthstone. Each week this mode applies special restrictions or conditions to the various battles to help spice them up and add some variety. Below please find listed all data-mined (so far) Brawl titles and conditions.

  • Super Shimada Bros: Hanamura, Genji, and Hanzo only.
  • Mystery Heroes: On death spawn as random hero (this sounds chaotic and fun)
  • Justice Rains from above: Pharah and Mercy take to the skys (only two playable maybe?)
  • Arcade: More health, Quicker cooldowns, Faster Respawn
  • We're all soldiers now: Soldier 76 takes command of the control maps
  • High noon: It's high noon on route 66. headshots with McCree only
  • Show your support:  All support heroes, limit of 2 same heroes per team
  • Tanks a lot:  All tank heroes, limit of 2 same heroes per team
  • Overly Defensive: All defense heroes, limits 2 same per team
  • Highly Offensive: All offensive heroes, same restrictions
  • Heads up: McCree, Gengji, Hanzo, and Widowmaker. Headshots only (ewww)
  • The good, The bad and Ugly:  McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog duke it out
  • Moba watch:  Unique heroes per team, no switching allowed
  • Girl power:  Female Heroes only.

I'll try and keep this list up to date as new modes may or may not be discovered or released. Which modes are you looking forward to the most? Which ones do you think you will pass on playing? 

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Super Shimada Bros: Genji and Hanzo


Arcade and Super Shimada Bros have been fun so far. Can't wait until Mystery Heroes is up.

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I predict having an extreme love hate relationship with Mystery Heroes. On one hand I like how you have to come up with new strategies and team synergies on the fly. On the other, I fear ending up against a Team of 6 bastions or Reinhardts. So, imagine rage will be had, controllers will be thrown, and then I will return to the game talking about how much i love it. So, Mystery Heroes potentially will be Dark Souls 4: Overwatch Edition

Edit: Mystery Heroes Made me Rage

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The good the bad and ugly, time for me to show off on mccree

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