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HI all I have a question, so I have the heroic master tracker Trinket and I also have the mythic felt coil spring. And I was wanting to know which one would benefit more? I am currently the top Beast Mastery Hunter on Muradin  it's in regards to raising my dps. Multiple add fights I am around 150 to 200k dps depends on add amounts. Single target I am fluctuating around 70 to 90k dps. 

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For Beast Mastery, your best trinkets are the class trinket and a high ilvl Kihra's for Single Target (use Censer if you don't have a good Kihra's), and class trinket and Mirror of the Blademaster for multi-target fights.  I would really urge you to switch to Marksmanship though, as it is vastly surperior to Beast Mastery in dealing with raid mechanics and does more dps with the t18 4pc.

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