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The banhammer has struck once again in Diablo III, targeting cheaters in Non-Season.

You might remember the multiple banwaves that took place at the end of Season 5; both Realbookwurm and I had talked extensively about them. Quite a few high-profile players were targeted then and the impact on the leaderboards was massive.

This time, two banwaves seemed to have happened in Non-Season: one last week and one yesterday. As it was proved from the previous banwaves, most of the targeted players held some place in the leaderboards. Moreover, a lot of them were playing in Hardcore Non-Season. According to this Reddit thread, two high-profile players, Philosophios and Joebo, were among the people who got banned.

Some players have made posts complaining that they were banned unfairly. Obviously, no one but Blizzard can know if their statements are truthful. On the one hand, the community is quick to harshly turn down any claims of innocence. On the other hand, there can be false positives: a recent banwave in World of Warcraft also targeted a few innocent players by mistake. It is also notable that Blizzard hasn't admitted to any false positives in Diablo III this year (2016).

One explanation is that these bans can be retro-active. A player in r/diablo3 admitted to botting and getting banned, but he also noted that he botted before the middle of April. That's more than 2 months ago.

It is unsure which program was used by the cheaters targeted in the current banwaves. Players are asking Blizzard to clarify which methods are considered legitimate and which are not. Be aware that these may not be the only banwaves happening this period!

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