Warrior Fury here, confused about pvp stat priority

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I've just ran SimC on your character. Here are your stat weights: 

  Kankunara  Str=4.59(0.10)  AP=0.00(0.00)  Crit=3.34(0.09)  Haste=2.80(0.10)  Mastery=2.86(0.10)  Mult=2.57(0.10)  Vers=2.30(0.10)  Wdps=0.00(0.00)  WOHdps=0.00(0.00)

If you're unsure what to do with these, just post again and I'll explain :)

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Ok! It means that you need to prioritize your stats like this: Strength > Crit > Haste/Mastery > Multistrike

Also, it's important to realize that stats only affect your DPS a little. Even if you had your stat priority all wrong, you'd still be doing decent DPS.

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