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Self-Advertisement Rules

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Given that Overwatch has only just released, it's to be expected that we're going to be seeing a huge influx of new content creators. We're always open to helping people promote their channels by allowing posts on our forums, but at some point it does become a bit too much.

In order to stop the general forums becoming nothing but self-advertising, we're going to implement these rules:

  • Only 10% of your posts can related to your own channel. So, for every 9 posts you make, 1 can be a self-advertisement about your channel/video/podcast.
  • The other 9 posts can't simply be 1 word posts on random threads. For example, you can't just post "cool" on a random news thread. They have to contribute something to the discussion.

Hopefully you all understand why we're implementing this - we're not trying to stop you from advertising, we just don't want to see people visiting solely to spam posts about their latest video every day.

Failure to comply with these new rules from the date of this post will result in your posts being hidden/deleted.


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