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Dumb question about build variation

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So I've been playing again for maybe a week, messing around on my Barbarian. He had a HotA build beforehand but I have not played in many months nor ever got too serious into playing. I was clearing Torment III rifts pretty reliably, ended up getting some IK gear dropping, and 2pc bumped me up to T5 (barely but improved) while 4pc and some other uniques got me to clearing T6 with no issues.

Now, I tried the suggested build and really didn't like Furious Charge. Maybe I'm retarded but I didn't like how I was limited to it having charges or I can't do anything in the mean time, like autoattacking, and I didn't have the Fury generation that I was supposed to have (perhaps that comes with getting more gear, sure). Anyway, I replaced it with Frenzy--which I was using before--and was lucky enough to have that "Frenzy gets the effect of every rune" belt drop so I've been using it instead. Haven't had any major issues.

My question is how badly--if in any meaningful way--will this gimp me toward later game? I know I still have to farm better gear to get into the higher Torment levels, which is fine, but is there anything inherently wrong in using this mild variation?

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Welcome to Icy Veins :)

You're probably using StaminaStamina as advised in the guide for Furious ChargeFurious Charge, but in your case I would advise Merciless AssaultMerciless Assault. This would allow you to reset Furious Charge's cooldown. That would solve the problem you're having with the charges. That said, you can modify the build a bit to fit gear you obtained (as you pointed out in your post). At your stage, you're just collecting gear and the build you'll use to tackle harder difficult will depend on what you'll be obtaining in the next few days (like if you get a full Immortal King set, then you'll probably want to go for a HotA build :)


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