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Hi all,

I read through these forums pretty frequently to try and keep up with class and different specs and I'm sorry if this has been seen before but I find myself in need of specifics. I'v been using Simcraft to attempt to optimise my lock, and i'm finding some discrepancies with what's being said and what my sim results are showing.

Right now i'm somewhere in-between what people have been saying and my own results, so probably completely wrong. I'm not sure if this is down to me failing at simcraft (likely as i'm new to it) or misreading what I think is correct (also likely). I'v pretty much just got myself confused and would like some advice on stat weightings, haste caps and general gem / reforge advice.

We are just starting heroic progression and I'm really looking to step it up a gear. I don't feel as though i'm under-performing but I do feel lost after reading through. The aim is to have MS destro (PVE) with a decent OS for demo (PVE boss specific). Anyway, here's how I am at the minute, iv just changed things around according to the current sim ready for the next raid, and it's probably an unholy mess:

Any advice or guidance would be really helpful and very much appreciated. Posted Image

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The current trend, at least for your ilvl, is to get a decent chunk of haste (8k'ish), then load the rest into mastery. So try to shed some more of that crit off.

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