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Balance Druid; Use balance or restotier15?

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Hey guys!

I got a question and am hoping that any1 knows the answer or could calculate for me.

The questions is if I as Balance druid should go for Balance tier 15 (spirit, mastery) or Resto tier 15 (haste, crit)

I know that crit, haste is the best stats, BUT with the chest I also get the 2 set. (10% more crit chance on starsurge).

SO resto tier 15 with crit, haste OR Balance tier 15 with spirit, mastery & 2set bonus....!

Thanks in advance!

Here's my Armory link: http://eu.battle.net...le/Erios/simple

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Stats on the individual pieces aside, as a Balance Druid in T15 you should definitely be going after that 4set bonus.

1000 mastery and 1000 crit during an eclipse is a huge dps boost.

The 2set bonus is great yes, but replace those resto set pieces with the balance ones when you can.

Also, I've seen many balance druids gemming pure crit gems and ignoring most socket bonus'.

Crit is your most useful stat after hit cap and soft haste cap. Not sure if you've looked into it but you do seem to have fit all your gems in colour coded slots.

Best of luck in your booming :)

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