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Ret: Stats and different sites

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Why do the stats change in order of importance on different sites? And where are the stat caps soft and hard. Each stat changes depending on how much you have of it. So haste may be great to 10% but then Multistrike takes over. These caps used to be part of guides which would allow a person to know one thing for certain and be able to focus on which Items to get them there as well as changing there focus towards fight mechanics and rotation. Because if the stats are right then its rotation and understanding of mechanics that are the dps problem. Its been such a long time since I have played and this just seems to be missing and I cant figure out why, as well as why the stats would change in importance site to site. Maybe there is a section I am missing or maybe I just don't understand how things work now.

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As you have said yourself stat weights depend on how much of one or another stat you have. Different sites may use different data for simulation, different gear on a testing character, so it's okay that weights may vary. But if a guide is good there will always be an explanation and description of each stat, so you can understand what and why.

Considering haste. In my opinion it's often the hardest stat to choose how much to have of. You can discover it by simulations and asking yourself a question "Am I comfortable to have this much". 

Soft cap is a value after which an increase of a stat provides you with much less improvement than before. Hard cap is a value after which increasing a stat is a waste.


To sum up: it's okay  that guides are different, authors include there their own calculations which may vary by input data, they also include there their own opinions which also may differ. So if you're new to the class as it is today remember guides but do not follow them blindly.

And I must say that icy veins guides are quite good and cool for newcomers mostly bcause of 2 things: they are more or less true (not counting holy paladins) and they are made very well with links and descriptions so that if you don't remember all the stats, abilities and such stuff you can still read them without breaking your brain.

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