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mw monk fist weaving

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i play a lvl 90 monk but really only do lfrs what i notice is my healing when i do fistweaving it usually heals just me unless i am at full health so i end up overhealing and worse self healing is there a way to fix this or do i have to be careful when i fistweave what i mean when self heal is when my health is at 99% and i do 100 000 damage equaling 50 000 healing i end up overhealing myself for 48 000 so any tips or tricks will help alot

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I'm not entirely sure what you are asking.

When you fistweave, it heals people around you (for 50% of your damage and 25% of your auto attack damage) and around your statue (for another 50% of your damage and 25% of your auto attack damage.).

Normally, you would only fistweave when there is very little damage being done to the raid. This does 2 things

  • Smart heals nearby players

  • Constantly flows chi to generate mana tea stacks.
Fistweaving shouldn't be a go-to method for heavy healing. Even if the boss takes extra damage. When you're not fistweaving you should be using soothing mists to generate chi and spend it on uplifts/enveloping. NEVER use jab to generate chi for uplifts/enveloping. Any time you jab, make sure to consume that muscle memory proc with TP or BoK

I'm sorry if this did not answer your question. Could you please elaborate more if so?

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I just read my post again and want to clarify a typo.

"fist weaving should NOT be a go-to method"

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