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Boomkin trinkets in HFC

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Hey guys,

i'm wondering which trinkets are BiS in different situations, so my first step was to check the BiS list on icy veins, and right now, im really confused.

When i started playing, everyone told me to pick up Seed of Creation and the Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia, since they are BiS as Boomkin. I worked my way trough many trinkets until i finally could get my hands on those two, and now, your BiS list is telling me that my Seed of Creation isnt the best choice beside my Insignia?

My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Anbeefer/simple


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3/4 Trinkets.  Assuming all the SAME level (mythic/Heroic etc., expect seed is always good at Heroic+)

Every fight except listed below: Seed + DSI

Iron Reaver: DSI + Piston (ONLY if you're killing it less than 1m, maybe 1.5m.  Other wise Seed + DSI)

Kromrok: DSI + Piston (only if you're killing it in 1 puddle phase then Seed + DSI)

Zakkun: DSI + Orb of Void Sight.

Manno/Archimonde: Seed + Orb of Void Sight.

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