Resto Weapon One Hand/Shield vs Staff

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Hello all!

I just recently boosted a shaman and ended up just crafting a 715 staff because I had the mats as my blacksmith was a little short. However, is it usually better to use a one hander and shield vs a staff? Do you end up with more stats usually?

Personally I like the esthetic of the one hand and shield but wasn't sure if the stats usually even out or if there is a preference.


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Hello mcbone,

there are no any preferences really: you can hardly find in WoD two weapons (staff vs 1-hand&off-hand) that would have exactly the same ilvl and the same amount/choice of secondary stats. So you just choose whatever item in drop has a higher ilvl / more of stats you prefer.

A 715 crafted staff with the right secondaries will stay the best weapon for you until your progression into Heroic Upper Citadel even not because it's that much better but rather because 1-hand+off-hand (shield) need double amount of mats to craft and upgrade.

In Legion it wouldn't be any concern though because you will use your Artifact weapon - so no choice at all :)

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