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Chose your specc!

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Hey :)

My hunter should still be my main characater in legion.

Because I don't like the idea of meele hunter, I would play as a MM or BM.


Blizzard tries to give all speccs the same damage-output... But we all knew Blizz' balancing since few years and we know: they can't balance them to the same level. So one of my two speccs becomes the better one.

which one would you think?


I've tested on the PTR, 'cause I haven't a beta-key. 

But it feels uncompleted without the artefact-weapon. all skills are created around the weapon and I can't test the weapon on the PTR...

So I can't do a real test if my charakter and this makes me crazy... -_-


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Haven't played around with hunter as much as I could have but from what I've heard, BM is kinda the weaker of the three and MM is a little broken right now with proc issues. It goes into number crunching I don't dare touch but it deals something with the proc formula and that it doesn't trigger frequent enough. So, survival is the most stable of the three but even then, it needs a little tuning. So, currently i think it will go Survival > MM > BM but thats all subject to change at any moment.

from a personal standpoint I don't like the new MM at all. BM isn't bad but feels empty. I find the new survival interesting, and might roll with that :D

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