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What do you think about the movie?

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On 7/1/2016 at 6:36 PM, dannygreen said:

Im not a big fan, but I liked it... what do you think ?

I loved it. I saw it around 5 times in total and loved it every time.

I'm obviously a huge fan of the game, but for me it was a visual treat. It looked awesome and the story was solid enough. I didn't like one or two parts, especially King Llane. I thought he was incredibly odd for the first half of the movie. Garona too. Towards the end it got much better though and I started to like them more.

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I liked the movie pretty well but i question some of the casting. Khadgar grew on me but Medivh......... no.  Skinny yoga hippie does not equal mystical guardian to me. Visually the movie was stunning. However, there were times when the acting was a bit questionable. King Llane has a scene where his accent changes like three times in the same sentence. So with the humans it was touchy. However, I loved the orcs and all the orc scenes.

There was also just a lot of good easter eggs for fans. Like the best scene was when they are going to Goldshire at night and you see the hear the murlco go MRAEIORHAIOEWHAGOEIHALGHAOAAAA. I screamed with glee at that and got a lot of weird looks from everyone else there XD Also like that even though they were unnamed they had big name orcs there. You could see grommosh and kargath as they appeared in the games which was cool.

So, I think it was a really good fan movie. However, if you were just jumping into the franchise, I feel you would not get as much and miss some things.

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