12 Win Old Gods Warrior Arena: Playing Tirion & overcoming Rhonin and Tinkmaster (1080p)

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My third 12 win Warrior run of the year.

This arena run started in the gym, on the treadmill!! I drafted on the treadmill, played on the treadmill, played whilst walking home from the gym, and finished the last few games at home. Some interesting games, facing legendaries - Tinkmaster, Rhonin, etc. I used Grand Crusader to get Tirion to secure my 12th win :-) That last game was insane. The irony of my opponent getting Reno but not benefiting from the battlecry :-)    

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Lol, that Fire Elemental steal in the last game. I think that won you the game more than the Tirion. Not to mention that Egg that kept you safe from AoE the whole game.

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    • By Darkseeker83
      Hello everyone

      This is my 9 win Druid Arena with audio commentary - an interesting draft, not containing any big late game Druid taunts.
      However, there is mech synergy, beast synergy and most importantly, DRAGON synergy!!
      Also, I ended up facing a field of legendaries - Boom, Tirion and Hogger! Some really interesting games.
      My last arena draft till the TGT expansion... thought I would share it with everyone. A lot of fun to play!