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A lot of players felt that the Greater Rift requirements for the Season 7 Journey were a bit too high and subsequently Blizzard has lowered them.

It was only yesterday that we reported to you the requirements for the upcoming Seasonal Journey. The GRift requirements for each Chapter of the Journey were a tad too high and the Diablo team has amended that. In contrast, players thought that the legendary gem requirements were too easy and Nevalistis explained why this is the case.


Blizzard LogoNevalistis

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to check out the Season 7 Journey, test the changes and provide feedback! After considering the adjustments mentioned in Wyatt’s post last week and reviewing the feedback provided, we have some changes for Season Journey that you can expect to see in the next PTR patch.


  • Now requires Greater Rift 30 (down from 35).


  • Now requires Greater Rift 40 (down from 50).
  • Normal rift timer increased to 7 minutes from 6 minutes.


  • Now requires Greater Rift 50 (down from 60).


  • Now requires Greater Rift 60 (down from 70).


  • Now requires Greater Rift 70 (down from 80).
  • Azmodan timer has been adjusted to 20 seconds (up from 15).

Torment XIII is definitely a step up from Torment X in regards to difficulty and it’s our goal to take that and player power into account. Conqueror and Guardian level achievements are intended to be the most intense, but also the most rewarding. That said, we did feel that the Greater Rift requirements were a bit too demanding and have been adjusted. In regards to the time requirements for normal Nephalem Rifts in Conqueror and Guardian, those will remain unchanged for the time being. Some players, classes and builds may have an easier time than others completing those achievements while others may find it more to their liking to find a group to speed things up.

Another common concern was the legendary gem requirements may be too easy, which is a very valid point! However, with the addition of augmenting legendary gem requirements, we wanted to avoid making the gem requirements feel too grindy. Some achievements will be difficult and challenging while others will require careful planning and time, all of which our goals for Season Journey.

Again, a big thanks to everyone participating in the PTR and please, keep the feedback for Season Journey and 2.4.2 as a whole coming!


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