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Resto druid looking for critique (logs incl.)

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Hello, I just got done with a heroic archimonde pug on my 691 resto druid. (original raid leader was asking for 690+, someone else took over and well I got kept because I was doing okay heals I guess). I feel I could've done a lot better. One of my main issues with my resto druid however, is mana, I found myself running dry pretty quickly, and no I wasn't spamming expensive spells(well, not until the end where I popped incarnation and spammed regrowth to try and pad the meters a bit...(plus the heals were needed..)) So any help there would be greatly appreciated. 


I actually got some tips after the pull to cast wild growth more(I was holding back due to mana) and to keep swiftmend on CD and 100% uptime on mushroom. Not too sure how valid those are as I've heard mixed messages about Swiftmend on CD.


Here are the logs

Here is my armoury.


Nothing changed gear-wise from after the fight, as I spent ~2 hours and only got a piece of gear for OS :( (at least I finally got to experience actually killing heroic archi, so that was nice. I feel confident with the fight now especially since I went in there having never done heroic Archi(got carried for a moose))


Anyways, thanks in advanced for the help!

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Hey Kulia. I just looked over your stuff and noticed a couple of minor things. First of all yes using swiftmend basically on CD is a great thing to do. With that and the omen procs its pretty easy to keep lifebloom up on any tanks without having to spend mana on recasting it (except when tanks swap) or casting regrowth. Overall while it doesn't completely fix your mentioned mana problem it does add up after a long fight. Mushroom is one of those things that as long as your melee are pretty stacked up and are going to be in 1 place for a decent amount of time then it is a lot of help to keep it up. If there is too much moving going on with your strat or the specific boss then it becomes much less important.


Now some people might disagree with me but personally I have found that the main thing that helps me do well in fights when it comes to healing is knowing the fight as well as I can. I look at healing as either being proactive (like disc priest and bubbling) or reactive like almost every other class. Resto druids can do a bit of both since you can always rejuv someone after they are hurt but you can also pre-HoT people if you know damage is incoming. Also having assigned healing can help a bit. All of those things can help minimize overhealing even though us resto druids can't avoid it completely.


I hope this helps at least a little.

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