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Below you can find a full list of all of our new rank names, as well as the number of posts required to reach them:

Post Number Rank Name
0 Peon
10 Commoner
20 Soldier
30 Knight
40 Centurion
50 Commander
75 General
100 Marshal
150 Warlord
200 Grand Marshal
300 High Warlord
400 Gladiator
500 Conqueror
750 Scarab Lord
1000 Slayer
2000 Crusader
3000 Destroyer
4000 Avenger
5000 Paragon
6000 Guardian
7000 Overlord
8000 Hellspawn
9000 Seraphim
10000 See Table Below

We really feel that reaching 10,000 points is pretty amazing, so you deserve a special title. We've compiled a list of titles from each game, which you can choose from when you reach 10,000. Check them out in the table below:

Protector of Stormwind First Commander Innkeeper Grand Master Prime Evil
Overlord of Orgrimmar Blackwatch Commander Legend Hero of the Storm Scholar of the First Ones
Thane of Ironforge Overwatch Founder Angry Chicken Champion of the Nexus Archangel of Valor
High Sentinel of Darnassus Talon Operative     Archangel of Justice
Deathlord of the Undercity       Archangel of Hope
Chieftain of Thunderbluff       Archangel of Fate
Avenger of Gnomeregan       Archangel of Wisdom
Voodoo Boss of Sen'jin       Angel of Death
Exarch of the Exodar        
Regent of Quel'Thalas        
Lord of Gilneas        
Trade Prince of the Cartels        
Emissary of the Wandering Isle        
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