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Help with SPriest

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Holy has always been my mainspec but I've played SPriest on and off over the expansions.

Currently it feels like my dps is low as a shadow priest.

A few weeks ago before I got my trinkets or LMG or a lot of my 522 gear I was able to do ~100+k dps

Now I'm only around 115k dps after changing my talents and reforging towards haste instead of crit.

Using Iron Qon as an example since it's mostly single target.





Wowheroes incase I forget to log out in shadow gear


Just looking for some assistance since a lot of the other people around my gear level are doing 120-130k sustained.

Is it because I'm a shadow priest, or because I'm bad at shadow priest lol.

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You will need to log out in your Shadow Spec. But I doubt there will be much in the way of fine tuning required. It is possible you are reforgeing something that is affecting your DPS.

Keep in mind also. Those other people at your gear level. Are they in 2pc tier, or 4 piece?

I do not know if I can honestly help you or not, but I am willing to take a look to see if there is anything obvious that jumps out.

And Grats on the LMG.

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yeah your only a couple hundred DPS off being fully optimised. SO my best guess would be lack of at least a 2pc tier set which benefits from LMG and has Haste slightly higher than mastery or crit.

If I remember correctly. I hope that someone with more experience can see somehting to help.

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It's just the way Shadow is at the moment unfortunately. We are ranked as one of the lowest dps classes. Your ilevel is only slightly lower than my shadow priests. I had the best gear in our raid team by quite a margin for some time and I am rarely top dps in single target fights. Do some comparisons to fights like Horridon though and you'll see we can shine sometimes! Edited by Nina

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