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Frost Mage Key Bindings

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Whats the best Key Bindings for my Frost Mage? My Build is the same as is at Icy but i have no ida how to make my play more easy in raid group... People from my guild are frustated that my dps is not so high as it can but it's everything from the key. Any one can help? Of course my rotation is also from icy/

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Hello Lomir!

We are always happy to help any mage who wants to improve themselves!

Frankly, key bindings usually does not have a huge impact on DPS. The key is, you have to find the key binding that you feel the most comfortable with. Keep in mind, that you can always remap your key bindings in the option menu, making it possible to use ie. the key "F" or "G" as an ability. These buttons along with Q, E, R, T et cetera are very easy to reach with your fingers comfortably. You really want to have your most used abilities easily reachable. Ie.: Frostbolt on button "3", next to it Ice lance button "4". The abilites that has 3-5 minutes cooldown might not worth being key binded at all, since you will use them rarely for example, Time Warp.

However, as I have mentioned above key bindings don't impact on DPS too much. If you could link your character's Armory, as well as some Worldoflogs log of fights, that would be much appreciated because we could help you even more.

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1: Frostbolt

2: Nether Tempest

3: Ice Lance

Shift+1: Alter Time, Icy Veins, Synapse Springs, etc. Macro

Shift+2: Frozen Orb

Shift+3: Mirror Image

B: Blink

4: Blazing Speed

` (tilde): Evocate

These are the main DPS/movement abilities I use. Hope that helps.

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There is link to armory:


Thank you!

  • You have 4 unenchanted items. Enchant them according to the enchanting section of frost mages!
  • You have one empty socket, which is probably because you just obtained that staff recently. Which is actually a reason why you DPS was low in the past. Higher Spell power staffs help a lot!
  • After enchanting and gemming your gear, reforge and reach the hit cap.
  • You should focus on spending your valor points on ability_hunter_posthaste.jpgVolatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault replacing inv_misc_pvp_trinket.jpgEssence of Terror. Then, you should upgrade your staff for the reason I posted above. These two changes should boost your DPS significantly. After upgrading, don't forget to reforge again.
  • You should use a bonus roll on Horridon normal to get inv_wand_1h_thunderisleraid_d_01.jpgVenomlord's Totemic Wand or inv_stave_2h_thunderisleraid_d_03.jpgDinomancer's Spiritbinding Spire. If you think you will kill Council, then save a coin for that fight as well for spell_nature_chainlightning.jpgWushoolay's Final Choice. Use your 3rd coin on LFR Dark Animus for spell_holy_mindsooth.jpgCha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance.
  • If you don't think you will kill Council normal, then use your last bonus roll on Council LFR.
  • If you haven't started it yet, start doing the legendary questline :)
These changes above should mean significant DPS increase.

That is all that I could tell from your armory. For further and more in depth assistance it would be great if you could link a combatlog of yours from Worldoflogs.

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Hello Lomir.

is see you are using the talent spell_nature_enchantarmor.jpgPresence of Mind

As a frost mage you want to keep your movement to the minimum for a maximum of Frostbolt casts. So i suggest you take another talent to reduce movement (blazing speed) or letting you cast 2 frostbolts while moving (ice floes)

also your jade-spirit enchant on your staff is missing. This enchant has a great uptime and can provide a nice DPS boost. For the rest your gear seems optimal. The only problem with your gear is that many of your items have mastery and crit as base stats. Try to run LFR and get items with a base stat of haste on them.

Make sure to keep your mage bombs and invocation buff at a 100% uptime. Also multi-DOT with NT on bosses like Council.

You can also upgrade your staff for 500 valor for a nice spell-power boost that will increase DPS nicely.

And what Oltier said, if you can provide us a World of Log. We can help you the most.

For keybinds try to bind the spells that you use most.

Good binds are: Q, E, R, F, V, C, mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down, mouse wheel click, ~

For instance i binded

Frostbolt = Q

Frostfirebolt = R

mage bomb = F

Ice Lance = E

Invocation = ~

Blink = C

Frozen Orb = V

Ice floes or Blazing speed = Mouse wheel click

Mage shield = scroll down

Ring of frost = scroll up

fire blast = 1

flamestrike = 2

cone of cold = 3

Interrupt = 4

Arcane explosing = 5

Key binds are awesome, they provide more DPS as you can click em faster, and you have to look less at your mouse, so you can focus more on dodging bullits Posted Image


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