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pre patch class changes

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any word on updated class uides? I know nothing solid can be determined before release, but how about a tentative guide to show basic new rotations? I play all classes/specs and I' like to start the relearn process. A baseline would speed things up a lot.

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If I may point, a 'tentative' guide requests exactly the same amount of work as a 'live'. Actually it's even double or triple work because of the frequent and serious changes on Beta and an additional difference between pre-patch and the actual expansion.

All the guides are in work but it's very doubtful for them to be released before live.

If you want a general idea about specs (spells&abilities, talents choices, artifact trees) watch FinalBossTV 1 hour Legion spec previews - they are pretty solid and give enough insight. If you need it more in-depth including some math, go to mmo-champ class forums - there are 50-100 pages discussions for every spec from the early Alpha and until today.

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