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Searched but couldn't resolve my question.

Been playing 2Hand (Leveled as Tank) playing more DPS and trying to get hang of duel wield.  Problem is target dummy ALWAYS indicates I do more damage 2 Hand than duel wield EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I have beat the crap out of that thing trying to figure out why I cant achieve the same DPS or better with duel wield. 

Took a look at rotation and have tried both draining runic power with frost strike as well as only using it when its above 80% or I have a KM proc.  I have tried with and without Necrotic Plague but noticed a significant drop in dps with it so went back to Defile.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Anyone who has played 2 Hand for awhile and switched have any suggestions.  I figure I must be doing something automatically without thinking that works with 2 Hand and doesn't work with duel wield.

Could my gear drive significant difference?  I am ilvl 700 about with a lot of pvp gear but I thought I chose right based on spec needs.  Str > Mast > Haste > Crit > Multi is how I am currently lined up.  Enchanted to Mastery.


I'm on Ysera toon is Sylorel.


Any help would be appreciated.




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a little late to the boat on this one but pre pre patch dual wield was superior to 2h in every way. 2h was not viable at all. that was a choice made by blizz to get people used to frost being mainly dual wield only. now that the prepatch is here there is no longer a choice, frost is dual wield period. which is sad for me because i liked 2h but it was all due to the artifact weapon. they didn't want to make and balance 2 artifact weapons for once spec. let alone everyone else who had some options would complain if they did ie windwalker monks for instance

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