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Warlock Questions

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At what point is it beneficial to go from Dest to Afflic or demo. Is it a specific item i should be looking out for, set bonus or what? I'm currently 524 and all the sims are saying Dest is still by far the highest dps.

I'm looking at attaining UVLS asap. When i get this i believe demo becomes viable. I was wondering how much of a dps increase is this. I'd believe this would be a BIS item abut I've seen a fair bit of theory-crafting behind it and people and tables saying there are higher trinkets. Is this due to it just classing you as doing your normal rotation and not going into meta and refreshing doom?

I currently have the 522 breath and 522 shadowpan trinkits. If i get the 502 UVLS trinkit is it worth using it over the shadowpan trinkit?

Here's a link to my armory to help answer any of these questions:


Thanks in advance

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I'm thinking your shouldn't worry about which is "higher" so much as which is more beneficial to a fight mechanic which in turn will up your dps. Affliction is pretty darn good with any single target fight if you're comfortable with the spec. Your gear is decent as well.. If you have legendary meta you'll find affliction does better on single target. Destro is really good for certain fights where aoe is needed and shadowburning is often used. Ji-kun (heroic included), horridon, and a lot of other fights, but more so heroic wise. Demo is great for just about everything (except straight single target in my own opinion though others will disagree), but we can all agree demo brings a lot of much needed utility to heroic fights.

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