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[US-Mal'Ganis][H] <Midnight> 10M 4/12H LF DPS, Healer

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Our 10 man raid runs Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7:30 - 11:00 CST (server time).

We are currently looking for two DPS of the following classes:

- Warlock

- Rogue

- Frost/Unholy DK

- Balance Druid

And one healer of the following classes:

- Resto Druid

- Holy/Disc Priest

- Mistweaver Monk

- Resto Shaman

We are interested in people who are quick learners, can draw upon past experience and knowledge, can focus for the duration of a raid, and are not error prone. We are NOT looking for players who are okay with being mediocre, are okay with failing at the same mechanic for an entire night, and always have an excuse.

We aim to keep a somewhat slim raid roster. We do not recruit for the bench and expect everyone to be able to contribute frequently and effectively at all times but as with any guild, we will need everyone to sit occasionally.

We expect our raiders to make the full duration of all of our raids and to not be chronically late or absent. However, we do understand that real life happens and everyone will have to miss or be late to a raid from time to time. We just ask that this is a rare occurrence and does not develop into a regular habit. People who routinely miss or are late to raids during their trial period will have their applications quickly denied.

We expect that our raiders will devote their full attention to the raid, especially during progression on new bosses. Once again, we understand real life happens and sometimes distractions will be inevitable. We just ask that you are not constantly distracted by things around you, such as watching TV. We love to talk about damn near everything under the sun but during the few hours per week that we raid we ask that it is put on hold and the primary topic of discussion shift to things relevant to killing the next boss.

Once again, we know that real life happens and we are more than willing to accommodate your schedule, within reason. If you have a huge exam/presentation/whatever the following day and would prefer to sit out so you can further prepare unless you are absolutely needed we will be sympathetic to your situation.

Repairs and feasts are provided to our raiders. We ask that you maintain a number of relevant potions for attempts on new bosses, particularly those with tight enrage timers.

Loot is decided amongst those interested in the item, with decision making falling in the hands of the raid leader only if absolutely necessary (hopefully extremely rarely). It is expected you will be able to talk out such matters like a civilized adult, such as "that ring is a huge upgrade for you but only a marginal one for me, how about you take that and I'll take the first pair of boots we both want" and "I've looted an item off the past four bosses, I'll pass." Loot drama will not be tolerated in any way; the item will most likely drop again, and if it doesn't it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things - you can use that as a justification for looting something earlier in the next tier of content.

For more information and to apply visit http://www.midnightwow.com or contact Atrocity#1411

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