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WW monk LF mr robot weight advice

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So I'm a 508 ww monk in my pve gear. For the past couple of months I've gone strictly according to the mr robot pve default build and ever since I got dual 502 weaps I've averaged roughly 70-90k in raids (depending on raid mechanics and whatnot; averaging about 80-82k on the raider trainers). Let me also add that I've got a lvl 502 rune of reorigination that puts all points into your highest stat for a period of time. I've played with other monks that I've seen with 130-160k+ dps in ToT lfrs single target with this same trinket! Cut to last night; I played with the weights a bit..tried a crit heavy build with haste close in secondary and mastery tertiary, but I lost about 10-15k dps vs the trainers.

I'd rather not keep spending money on gems as I've only been playing about 3 months and I haven't made that much gold yet, so I'm hoping someone reading this will have experience in heavy hitting using the Rune of Reorigination tactically.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not very practiced in monk DPS, but I do know that once you get that trinket, you need to emphasis more mastery.

If you haven't already, the guys at MMO champ taught me the very little I know aboput WW dps if you want to check out their guide.

Stat priority

5.2 gives us a lot more freedom in what stats to go for, as all stats can be good depending on the situation and your gear.

I'd first like to address the haste soft-cap. While this was at 4K in 5.1, the change to mastery means that Combo Breaker will proc a lot less often. This means that it will take more haste to be able to fill every GCD. Good values to go for now are between 6 and 8k, depending on what setbonuses you have, how comfortable you are with your rotation, your latency, etc. Personally I like to stay just below 7k.

After reaching the haste soft-cap, there's 3 recommended ways to gem and reforge:

1. No T15 4set bonus and no Rune of Re-Origination trinket: hit/exp caps > haste softcap > agility > crit > mastery > haste beyond softcap > hit beyond softcap

Red sockets: pure agility

Yellow sockets: agility + crit

Blue sockets: agility + hit

2. You got the T15 4set bonus and good gear, but no Rune of Re-Origination: hit/exp caps > haste softcap > agility > mastery >= crit > haste beyond softcap > hit beyond softcap

Red sockets: pure agility

Yellow sockets: agility + mastery

Blue sockets: agility + hit

3 Rune of Re-Origination: hit/exp caps > enough mastery to make it your highest secondary stat (without raidbuff) > haste softcap > crit > haste beyond the softcap > more mastery than is needed to make it your highest stat > agility > hit beyond the softcap

Red sockets: expertise/agility + haste/mastery/crit (expertise gems will give you more secondary stats to play with, but take care to not go over the expertise cap)

Yellow sockets: pure haste/mastery/crit

Blue sockets: hit + haste/mastery/crit

What gems to use will vary a lot, and it's not weird to use 5 different kinds of gems in different parts of your gear.

Ideally your stats will look something like this:

haste: 6.5k (softcap)

mastery: 6.6k (just above haste)

crit: 5.5k (rest into crit as long as it stays below mastery)

As you gain better gear, all 3 of your secondary stats should stay very close to each other, with mastery being slightly ahead of the other two.

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