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Pre-patch Gold!

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Rather than writing a full article I thought I would make a quick post about the craziness that is pre-patch!


I just wanted to make one thing very clear!

Don't Panic!

Yes the wardrobe is in.  Yes it is a great time to list transmog and illusions / mats.  But on a number of servers prices are dropping so fast because players are panicking that they won't make any gold if they don't make it in the next few weeks! This is driving prices down and although you may get some quick sales, it may require a lot of reposting, undercutting and "stress" just to get an average price for your items.

The achievements for the wardrobe are pretty easy to get and although there may be some players looking for transmog to fill their wardrobe I am letting the dust settle, let players post their stock cheaply, and waiting for prices to rise before I start to post the majority of my materials.

Obviously all the above depends on your server, I know some friends are having great sales at great prices, but realms such as my own are seeing items posted at 30% of regional market value.  Personally I think it's worth a gamble to ride out the storm and come out the other side making a lot more gold!

There is no right or wrong

As long as you make a profit there is no right or wrong way to make gold.  Personally I prefer a premium on all of my prices and the items that I sell. whereas other prefer small profits but large volume.  If you are managing to see the sales coming through then keep doing what you are doing.  

React to your markets and your servers, understand what your customers want (cough shirts) and I wish you the best of luck in this crazy period!


If you have any advice for others then please feel free to share!



Good luck!

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Feels like the place to add this.

As of this morning (US time) people have begun finding different Tome of Polymorph out in the world. As of right now there are VERY FEW of these available on the AH, and therefore prices can be very high. I can personally confirm two of them.



Porcupine drops off Porcupine mobs in Pandaria. Many people suggest farming the Smoky Porcupine in the Jade Forest, where it was first reported. I found mine farming the Needleback Porcupine in the Dread Wastes.

Monkey drops off Hozen mobs in Pandaria. The first report was from the Hozen just south of Honeydew Village. I found one there, and a second from the Hozen in the Skyrange.

Apparently a Turtle tome can be found fishing in pools of fish in Cata zones. Not sure if this is "new" or not, apparently it used to be found there before. Worth a mention though.

And  a Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear Cub can be found killing the Arctic Grizzly in Northrend. I suspect this, like the first two, can be found from other bear mobs within Northrend. No luck yet though.

I play on Illidan US, one of the highest population realms. There is very little competition for these right now. Try to get some sales ASAP!

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The Turtle tome has been out for a while - I managed to drop one last month while fishing for Vial of the Sand mats (Albino Cavefish pools in Deepholm).

I think the best method of farming would be to get into a group of 5 and use the new loot rules to smash out some mob kills!

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