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Question about RPPM

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I didn't quite understand what RPPM means i know it related to the procs and stuff but i still got lost

i always follow askmrrobot suggestions about reforging and stuff and now i saw that new build of RPPM

my current ilvl is 517,

the trinkets i'm using are:

Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault

normal Breath of the Hydra upgraded twice (ilvl 530)

i'm playing destro and i never thought haste can be so valuable to this spec compare to the demo or aff

should i change to that build or wait for better gear/trinkets?

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Nanoam, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. I actually have a blog post about RPPM that might help: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/2013/03/haste-rppm-trinkets/

Basically, RPPM (Real Procs Per Minute) means a trinket will proc X times per minute. This is different than the x% chance to proc on a hit. It can help even out the procs across classes and such. Haste makes the RPPM trinkets (and legendary meta gem) proc more often. So once you get an RPPM trinket or two, and/or the legendary meta gem, Haste becomes a very good stat.

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i changed my reforge to haste as ask mr robot suggested, seems like with my current gear i have 21.88% haste with raid buff so i will actually have more like 20% increased chance the trinket will proc, right?

that sounds good, i will check it Posted Image

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If you take a look at my Warlock Trinket section, you should get a better idea of what to expect in terms of RPPM and its effects on your trinket procs. The common misconception running around right now is stacking Haste will get you increased procs during fights. While on average this is true, on an individual fight basis, you are at the mercy of RNG.

RPPM stands for Real Procs Per Minute and the values are all listed in my trinkets page. Let's take a look at Breath of the Hydra for an example.

522 Breath of the Hydra RPPM = 0.525

Now there is a formula which lets Haste augment this value as well as a value that tweaks the proc rate based on the item level of the trinket. Those are also found on my trinkets page, but for this example, see below:

522 Breath of the Hydra RPPM = 0.525

522 Trinket Proc Rate = 94.56%

Haste Modifier = x

In order to see your RPPM rate, you take your RPPM value and multiply it by your Haste and the item level modifier. For example, if you had 20% Haste, you'd see a value of [Reg = 1.2 * 0.525 * .9456 = 0.596 Real PPM (100.67 sec CD)]

Now, what you need to understand here is that an RPPM value of 0.596 equates to an AVERAGE CD of 100.67 seconds. This does NOT mean you will see a proc every 100 seconds. This means that ON AVERAGE you will see a proc approximately every 100 seconds. You could see one with a CD of 40 seconds. You could see 2 procs that had 145 seconds between them. IT'S COMPLETELY RANDOM. This brings me to my next point...

A typical fight lasts approximately 6-10 minutes. Let's go with 8 minutes here for simplicity. 8 minutes is 480 seconds. With 20% Haste, we'd see an average CD of 100 seconds for Breath. In an 8 minute fight, we'd EXPECT 4 procs, but because 480 is close to 500, it's not without reason that we could expect 5 procs. Could we see 6? Yep. 7? Yeah. 8? Not likely, but it's possible. 9? With really good RNG, yes. Could you also see only 2? Yes. You are at the mercy of the RNG gods with trinket procs and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Or is there? Some suggest Haste. Here is why I say stacking Haste does NOT make your trinkets proc more in a real, individual fight basis.

Lets say you shove all your stats into Haste and now you have 30% Haste. Your NEW RPPM proc rate would be 1.3 * 0.525 * .9456 = 0.645 = 93 sec CD. So, in adding 10% Haste, you decrease the AVERAGE CD of your trinket by 7 seconds. Now for this, lets assume a fight lasts 8 minutes and the trinket procs on its average CD timer. We'd see the following:

20% Haste proc times = 100s, 201s, 302s, 403s

30% Haste proc times = 93s, 186s, 279s, 372s, 465s (close to end of fight)

By stacking Haste, IF THE TRINKETS PROCD ON THEIR AVERAGE PROC RATE, you'd come CLOSE to 1 additional proc every 8 minutes. IF IF IF. Guess what? Still praying to the RNG gods. Because you could see 6 procs with 20% Haste and 3 procs with 30% Haste. That's just how she rolls.

If you love gambling and think that you will roll the dice, stack Haste to your heart's content. You might see one hell of an amazing parse at some point. If you go back, you might see you had 11 procs in 3 minutes. This has happened to me. I've had Perfect Aim proc 8 times in 120 seconds. I've also had Perfect Aim proc 2 times in 180 seconds with the same amount of Haste.

With all three specs, Mastery is going to be the safe fall out from RNG with trinket procs. Because some DoT thresholds are important for Affliction and Demonology, you should build to your most reasonable threshold and then push into Mastery. If you are stacking Haste for no other reason than to get more trinket procs, I'm sorry friend, but that's not going to fly. Over hundreds and hundreds of attempts, you'd be correct. However, WoW raiding comes down to individual fights and that will leave you at the mercy of RNG.

TL;DR = Don't stack Haste for more trinket procs. Stack Haste to a comfortable level then take a stat that isn't artificially inflated by stabilized RNG over thousands of iterations. You should care about a fight by fight basis. Mastery is your more loyal friend in this case.

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