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Everyone Says World of Warcraft Sucks...does it really?

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This is my very first video ever, and it's about a subject most dear to me. WoW.

I welcome all feedback, and I await your responses eagerly.

Let me know what you think :)


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If it sucked that bad there wouldn't be millions of people paying $15 a month to play it.

Anything with millions of subscribers will have people screaming "This is the death of (WoW itself, Class, Spec, Raids, Profession, fill in the blank) with any change they make.

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You usually see way more flamers in forums than pro dudes. I think thats why the negative attitude is overwhelming.

I came back to WoW a month ago, and i have to admit that im surprised that so many players like the new features. I mean i liked em too, but i really feel a lil comeback hype for wow. They killed it with MoP for me. The Pandas and all that didnt fit into my definition of WoW. It always reminded me of KungFuPanda. That weird comic film u might know it.

Also i think WoW is always about the Community, if you are playing with the right people, everything is just fine. Having a good time in TS, killing bosses and stuff like that is the real thing about WoW. Achiev things with a bunch of nice n cool guys.

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