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13 hours ago, Krixer said:

Hi guys,

Just a quick question concerning the Balance rotation in 7.0.

After casting Starsurge, I get 1 Lunar Empowerment and 1 Solar Empowerment. And the Solar one is consumed instantly since Solar Wrath is my main Astral Power generator.

However should i also consume the Lunar Empowerment also using Lunar Strike even if I'm only fighting a single target?

Thank you.

Yes, you should, because an empowered Lunar Strike is a higher priority than an unempowered Solar Wrath. But, you can bank charges when you will have cooldowns available in the next 15 seconds - just pulling a reasonable number out of the air - or waiting for a trinket proc. However, in a multiple target situation where they are stacked, you should not be using your Solar Empowerments, because the cleave effect on Lunar Strike is so powerful that suddenly even an empowered Solar Wrath is not going to be worth casting. Leaving out the fact that you should be spending your Astral Power on Starfall anyway in that situation!

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