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Q's about improving basic game play, Rotation etc

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Hi there and thanks for the read!

I know this may sound extremely dumb but these questions have to deal with creating a better rotation. Lets say There's casters , same spec, same gear same talents yet one is CLEARLY out dmg'ing the other.  They both know the proper spells to use and when but yet one is still lower.?  Does this come down to the timing of when they hit their buttons? IE.. Somtime ill look on the cast bar and try to cast my next ability JUST before it ends. Seems like theres abit of delay inbetween? Give it another go. This time i press the next ability 75% way through the cast bar.  This time its much smoother and quicker for the next one to go off?  Now is there a way to tell when is the right time in the cast to hit ur next ability?  What about instant casts? Can u cast an instant cast while channeling something? have  it not be messed up and th full dmg be applied??. Same goes with healing?? I guess I just have this feeling im missing something or there something i dont understand about rotations, cd and the way to press ur keys. Do i wait for the full ability icon to have done it "cd Loop" or do I try to time and early ability? If so how do you tell when is the best time etc?

Again not sure if this will make sense but im merely tired of being completely destroyed by others .  Or being 700ilvl but  barely holding 33k in a raid and I mean a in consistent barely. Or  having poor HPS as well. 

Thanks again !

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I understand your frustration, but it's almost impossible to tell anything viable without seeing your Armory and logs and this another person's (that is exactly the same in everything except of output according to you) logs.

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